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Landlocked in central Africa, Uganda sits astride the equator. Uganda is fertile and lush with extraordinary biodiversity, beautiful lakes, waterfalls, mighty rivers, rolling hills and impressive mountains. Its southern border runs through the Virunga Mountains, home to some of the world's few remaining mountain gorillas, providing a profoundly moving game viewing experience. Amidst incredible scenery elsewhere in Uganda, more traditional game viewing is abundant. Despite Uganda's history, it is now now peaceful and the people warm, friendly and very welcoming.


Mgahinga and Bwindi National Parks on the slopes of the Virunga Mountains

Mountains of the Moon, the Ruwenzori Mountains in Uganda, tower 16,000 feet above sea level with giant forms of lobelia, heather and groundsel on slopes that are inhabited by chimpanzee, giant forest hog and many unique bird species such as the Rwenzori touraco, the handsome francolin and the olive pigeon.

Ten National Parks in Uganda including Queen Elizabeth with its incredible bird and wildlife which can be seen from a vehicle or by boat along the Kazinga channel, Murchison Falls where the Nile forces its course through a narrow cleft, Semliki in the west and remote Kidepo in the north.



Rainy seasons: March to May and October/November with the heaviest rains falling in April although it can rain almost any time in the mountains. Whilst tropical, Uganda is mainly on a plateau of 3,600 - 6,000 feet above sea level. The hottest months are December to February and the driest months are July to September.



  • Gorilla and chimpanzee tracking - undoubtedly these primates are one of the main reasons to visit
  • Bird watching - Uganda has almost half the known bird species of Africa within its boundaries including rarities such as the shoebillstork
  • Game viewing now restored to its former abundance
  • White water rafting on the River Nile
  • Walking and trekking along trails in the National Parks and around breathtakingly beautiful lakes
  • Fishing for giant Nile perch in Uganda's Lake Albert



Sample Itinerary

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Pearls of Uganda: Privately-guided game viewing including gorilla trekking and chimpanzees



Gorilla Tracking with Kamili Safaris

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