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Intriguing Madagascar

Discovering some of the fascinating wildlife, cultures and colours of a mulch-faceted country

Royal Pallisandre Hotel: 1 night
Mandrare River Camp: 3 nights
Royal Pallisandre Hotel: 1 night
Vakona Lodge: 2 nights
Royal Pallisandre Hotel: 1 night
Princesse Bora Lodge: 4 nights

Including - flights, transfers, most meals, drinks at Mandrare, entrance fees and guides

From £5045
14 nights

Fly overnight from London via Nairobi to Antananarivo

You will arrive at the capital ANTANANARIVO, known as TANA, where a night at the Royal Palissandre Hotel, situated on a hillside near the centre, will allow you the chance to catch a flavour of the city and relax after your journey.

DAYS 3 to 5
The next day after flying southeast to Fort Dauphin, you will have a fascinating drive to the village of IFOTAKA where, close by, Mandrare River Camp has its site. On the bank of the Mandrare shaded by tamarind trees, the huge tents are furnished with comfortable beds along with all the extras we have come to expect of a true African safari. This provides an ideal base from which to explore the spiny and deciduous gallery forests, inhabited by the amusing Verreaux sifaka, ringtails and three nocturnal species of lemur. Your guides will also introduce you to the life of the Antandroy people and their rich culture.

Return to Fort Dauphin for your flight back to TANA where you will overnight again at the Royal Palissandre Hotel

DAYS 7 and 8
By road east to the rainforest reserve of PERINET. Vakona Forest Lodge is close by with its charming cottage accommodation.
Small lemurs, tree frogs, chameleons and tenrecs can be found on the island in the lake on Vakona’s property and you will also walk in the reserve to find the Indri, the largest lemur in Madagascar - its haunting cry will remain with you as you travel on.

Drive back to TANA and overnight at the Royal Palissandre Hotel before the early morning flight

DAYS 10 to 13
Fly to ÎLE SAINTE MARIE, an island with white sand beaches and tropical vegetation.
Four blissful days at the beautifully run Princesse Bora Lodge, with its splendid location overlooking the coral fringed lagoon, will allow you time to relax and reflect on the wonders you saw on the mainland. The comfortable, thatched wooden bungalows, excellent cuisine and, should you wish, a selection of activities to choose from, ensure you will return home with wonderful memories!

DAY 14
Fly to Tana and onwards overnight to London via Nairobi

What About?

During June humpback whales arrive from the South Pole to calve in the warm protected waters between ILE SAINTE MARIE and the east coast of Madagascar and remain for about 4 months. They can be observed from the beach outside the Princess Bora Lodge and you can get even closer by boat with the opportunity to take part in scientific whale observation, a unique chance to discover and experience the life and the behaviour of these extraordinary mammals. There is also a Pirate Cemetery on the island which is well worth a visit.

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Pavillon de l'Emyrne: 1 night
Domaine de Fontenay: 2 nights
Iharana Bush Camp: 2 nights
Heure Bleue: 1 night
Constance Lodge Tsarabanjina: 3 nights

Including - flights, transfers, most meals, entrance fees and guides
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Journey through Madagascar Travelling by road with your private guide, exploring some of Madagascar's best National Parks in search of wildlife and visiting culturally interesting sites along the way with a relaxing interlude by the sea

Royal Pallisandre Hotel: 1 night
Couleur Cafe: 1 night
Setam Lodge: 2 nights
Tsara Guest House: 1 night
Relais de la Reine: 2 nights
Les Dunes d'Ifaty: 3 nights
Vakona Lodge: 3 nights

Including - flights, car & driver, most meals, entrance fees and guides
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