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Why Book With Us

  • We are a small team, all specialists in sub-Saharan Africa with broad knowledge gained from living, working and travelling extensively throughout the continent that we love. We all have detailed knowledge not only of the camps and lodges, but also the people, the bush and the wildlife to be found in each area.


  • The company was set up more than 25 years ago and the managing director, Jane Durham, still heads the team and looks after clients.


  • A very high percentage of our bookings are people who have previously travelled with us or to whom we have been recommended.


  • We have never expanded out of the area of expertise, meaning that our knowledge is not diluted in any way. Let's face it, it is very difficult to honestly be a world specialist.


  • Our preference is to use small privately-owned lodges and camps where we can be sure that not only will our clients will be treated to the very best hospitality, service and quality guiding with safety in the bush of paramount importance but also there is a focus on caring for the environment and for the local people.


  • We do not work on commission - we think it far more important to nurture our clients and give them all the time they need.


  • Once you have booked you are not passed along to another operations or administration team. Your specialist looks after you from the moment you first talk to us until you return full of stories of your adventure and plans for your next trip!


  • If for any reason your specialist is unavailable another member of the team will be able to help with any queries you have as your booking will be known to us all.


  • Your itinerary will be just that - yours, designed specifically around your wishes and needs.


  • We have strong relationships with our suppliers who continually give us offers to pass on directly to you - this means your holiday will be costed as keenly as possible.

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