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Incognito logoIncognito anti-mosquito spray is a strong mosquito repellent which acts to keep away nearly all insects including ticks, sandflies, wasps, fleas, bees, midges and gnats.  Amazingly it is 100% natural and, unlike ordinary toxic insect repellents, is kind to the environment!  It works simultaneously by repelling insects and camouflaging your kairomones.  The kairomones that mosquitoes are particularly partial to are lactic and carboxylic acids and carbon dioxide. Kairomones are emitted by the body in proportion to the rate of metabolism so the more active you are, the more attractive a meal you become!  

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Kasuku logoKasuku is a family run business manufacturing kikoys in its workshop in Kenya.  Other accessories are handcrafted and the work is outsourced to 'collectives' of Masaai and Mkamba women and other groups who benefit from the extra income.  Kikoys, kangas, clothing for men, women and children, home furnishings and funky accessories are all now available in vibrant colours.  Great for summer, for gifts and of course to spoil yourself!  Enter code for a special discount.


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