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Since we are not medical practitioners we can only offer guidelines based on our experiences and would recommend that you consult your GP or Pharmacist or follow any of the useful links shown below for any specific concerns.



MALARIA - It is important to take professional advice about anti-malaria drugs but, to minimise the risk of contracting the disease, the most important concern is to avoid being bitten.  The disease is transmitted by female Anopheles mosquitoes that are active in the early evening and throughout the night, so care should especially be taken when sitting around the campfire or dining table and when asleep.  Wearing long-sleeved shirts, trousers, socks and shoes together with the liberal use of insect repellents, will certainly help avoid bites.  Should you prefer, we can propose an itinerary to an area which is malaria-free.

VACCINATIONS - Health regulations in some countries may require you to have certificates showing certain inoculations.  For example, a yellow fever vaccination certificate can sometimes be required, so up-to-date information should be sought before travel.


masta logoThe Medical Advisory Service for Travellers Abroad
  • experts in travel health and a leading provider of travel vaccines and travel health advice to the NHS and many companies and organisations
  • the UK’s largest network of private travel health clinics
  • travel health Nurse Experts have extensive experience in this specialised area of medicine
  • can provide a personalised Travel Health Brief

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Fleet Street Clinic logoThe Fleet Street Clinic provides specialist care in a growing range of medical and health-related fields, and is the home of one of the best-known specialist travel clinics in the UK.  The Clinic's medical director is Dr Richard Dawood.  It aims to offer the highest professional standards, a fast, friendly and competitively priced service, geared to making everything as easy as possible for clients.

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Hospital for Tropical Diseases logoThe Hospital for Tropical Diseases is the only NHS Hospital dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of tropical diseases and travel related infections.  Its Department of Travel Medicine and Travel Clinic offers a fee paying consultant-led service which provides up-to date information on all anti-malarials, prophylactic drugs and pre-travel advice. There is also a Travellers Healthline Advisory Service, telephone 020 7388 9600020 7388 9600 

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nomad logo
Nomad Travel Clinics have been providing specialist travel vaccinations and health advice since 1991.  Travel clinics and pharmacies in London, Bristol, Manchester and Southampton are run by experienced travel health doctors, nurses and pharmacists to cater for all travellers.  There is also a Travel Health Advice Line, telephone 0906 863 34140906 863 3414 

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