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Pre-Christmas Affordable Indulgences

With the nip in the morning air, we would like to remind you of the joy of feeling the warmth of the African sun!  There is still time to get away for a few days before the madness of Christmas is upon us.  Please let us quickly plan an aff

Last Minute Safari To Kenya

"This is the real deal!"  In conjunction with Karisia Safaris in Kenya, we would like to invite you to witness ‘Munget Lemouyo’ during the month of August.  In the words of Kerry Glen, “This is not the traditional dance wi

Wildlife Encounters

Are you still wondering what sort of holiday the next one should be?  Let us remind you of some of the wonderful wildlife encounters that always thrill us. Better still - contact us now so that we can start planning the safari that you know yo

Reduced Costs Of Our Itineraries!

South Africa and Namibia are currently offering extraordinary value for money.  The rand and the linked Namibian dollar are trading at around 19 against sterling which means that an itinerary organised now will cost considerably less than jus

Swim With Whale Sharks - NOW!

Swim with Whale Sharks!  These gentle giants have arrived off the coast of Kenya and will be there until the end of March so how about jumping on a plane and heading for the sun for a truely exhilarating experience?   Click: SWIM WITH WH

Twelve Months Of Africa

On the 12th day of Christmas my true love sent to me... A year-long African spree! 'Our' Africa provides tempting reasons for every month to get in touch with us. Click on the link below to read a few of them   TWELVE MONTHS OF AFRICA

Indian Ocean Warmth

October 2014 Newsletter To view the newsletter, click on this link: INDIAN OCEAN WARMTH

African Bucket List Part Two

November 2014 Newsletter To view the newsletter, click on this link AFRICAN BUCKET LIST PART TWO

African Bucket List Part One

September 2014 Newsletter To see the newsltter click on this link

Malawi And Zambia - Celebrating 50 Years Of Independence

50 years ago, in 1964, both Malawi and Zambia gained full independence.  We are delighted to offer in this milestone year two great itineraries with Robin Pope Safaris in celebration of the wonderful experiences to be had, and to encourage furth

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